Mystery Blogger Award

Oh my goodness, you guys.  I’ve been doing this for 2 months.  Never did I expect this: I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award!  Thank you so much to Roda from Growing Self for nominating me.  The fact that another blogger has decided to recognize me is pretty amazing.  Please go check out her blog at  She has great stuff about farm life, gardening, and a great series she calls Be Still…  Check it out!

What is the Mystery Blogger Award?

“The ‘Mystery Blogger Award‘ is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion” ~ Okoto Enigma.

How Does It Work:

  • Put the award logo/image on your blog
  • List the rules
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their  blog
  • Mention the creator of the award
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • Nominate up to 10 people
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  • Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question
  • Share a link to your best post(s)

3 Facts about me:

  • Growing up, I was allergic to Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies.  I’m still afraid to eat them.
  • I have a weird, allergic-type reaction to eating anything really spicy or really sour.  The left side of my face gets very red and warm, and I can feel pressure on my ear, like all of the blood has rushed to that part of my body. When I was a kid, I went to the doctor for it and he said if that’s all that ever happens, don’t worry about it.  Still happens to this day.
  • Despite the last point, I love spicy and sour foods.

Roda’s Questions (with my answers):

1) Are you a city mouse or a country mouse?  Uh… can I be a suburban mouse?  I love small towns.  I can’t handle being so far away from the store that you need to take a cooler just to buy milk.  On the other hand, I really don’t like being in large cities for long.  I work in one, but it’s nice to live in a neighboring county.

2) What is your Superpower?  So, if I could choose a superpower, it would teleportation, hands down.  Specifically like Nightcrawler from the X-Men.  However, I actually do have a superpower.  I can always tell when our school is going to have a fire drill.  I can feel it when I walk through the door that morning.  Every time.  Kind of a lame superpower, but it really happens.  

3) Who is your role model?  This is tough one… I’d have to say my dad, although I do a pretty poor job of living up to his example.  I’ll get there someday.

4) What Star Wars character would you be?  I would be one of the musician in the Mos Eisley cantina.  Actually, probably just one of the dudes at a table listening to the musicians.  I’m not cool enough to be anyone else.

5) What is one word that describes YOU?   uh………….. Indecisive….. maybe…


My Nominations:

Not everyone will choose to do this, but these are 6 blogs that I think are definitely worth your time and deserving of recognition. Please check them out when you can!

  1. Indy Burger guy – – He reviews local burger joints around our area (central Indiana).  His posts will make you hungry, guaranteed!
  2. Soundtrack of a Photograph – – Excellent photography, and he has introduced me to some great music!
  3. Better Togethr – – musings on rare disease, food allergies, and life in general
  4. Our Life with Food Allergies – – A mom’s journey through the world of allergies.  A great resource for ideas!
  5. Two Fat Americans – – This is a great travel blog!  This two have such a great take on things, and are on a mission to eat and drink their way around the world.
  6. Educational Aspirations – – This blog about teaching math is a full of great ideas and resources.  Even if you aren’t teaching math, it’s worth your time to check out what Matt has going on in his classroom.


Rob’s Questions:

1) If they made a movie of your life, who would play you?

2) You woke up this morning with the power to control one of the 4 classical elements (water, air, fire, earth).  Which one is it?

3) Marvel or DC?

4) What is your favorite part about each of the four seasons?

5) What song and/or artist is at the top of your current playlist?

Rob’s Favorite Post

My Glazed Donut post is the one that has really taken off.  I think that’s my favorite so far, because it was something I just came up with one morning without much thought, yet people really seem to love it.  I have gotten a lot of positive response.

Again, thank you so much to Roda for the recognition and nomination, and thank you to all the people who have read my blog.  I hope this can continue to be a help and a resource for those dealing with food restrictions.  Thanks for reading and sharing!mystery blogger award.jpg


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Roda says:

    Love your superpower!!! I think being a great Dad is your superpower, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thanks! My wife is the real superhero, though.

      Liked by 1 person

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