Consider the Coconut (Aminos)

My kids love the movie Moana. On any given day, our 4-year-old can probably be found somewhere singing the big movie anthem, “How Far I’ll Go.”Over and over and over. Admittedly, I love the music from the movie, too. It’s moving, it tells a story, and I love how they had people from the pacific island cultures involved in the song writing. It made things, while still very Disney, very genuine as well.  One song in particular has been running through my head today.  It’s called “Where You Are,” but the line in particular that keeps running through my head says “Consider the coconut; consider its tree; we use each part of the coconut; that’s all we need.”

I love coconut.  I like the water (best when you drink it straight from a green coconut right off the tree), I like the meat, I like coconut milk, and there are few things more satisfying that knocking down a coconut, sharp machete in hand, and opening it up to find the goodness yourself. But there is something a coconut can give that I never even knew about until recently: coconut aminos.

TJ coconut aminos
photo credit: Trader Joe’s (

A friend of mine picked this up for me at Trader Joe’s for only $2.99. Coconut aminos (as the name implies) contains amino acids from coconut sap. This sap mixed with salt and water make a seasoning sauce that is an excellent substitute for soy sauce. It is sweeter (it is made from coconut, after all), so it is a little more like a teriyaki sauce.

Since Mega Man can’t have soy, normal stir fry meals are out of the question.  However, this product opens that door again.  And we can do fried rice (minus the egg, of course) again!

Soy sauce usually contains wheat, too, so for those that are sensitive to wheat, coconut aminos make an excellent substitute.  Keep in mind that they have a sweetness that soy sauce and tamari don’t have, so you will probably need to experiment a little bit to make sure things are to you liking.  At $2.99, it’s costs a little more than soy sauce, but it’s worth the small extra cost.

Let me know how you use coconut aminos in the comments.  I’d love to hear, and I’m always looking for new ideas!

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  1. Stephanie F. says:

    So far we don’t have allergies to soy but I’d love to try it instead of soy sauce. I usually get Tamarin sauce but be looking for this product.

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    1. I’ve seen it online, but the Trader Joe’s version seems to be the best deal by far (at least at the time of writing this).

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  2. I really want to try coconut aminos, it looks delicious 🙂


    1. I put some one rice last night, and I was really pleased. It was really good!

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