I Don’t Have All the Answers…

This kid……..


Last night I made dinner.  I made Reese-safe chicken nuggets, Reese-safe dip, and Reese-safe french fries.  And he would’t touch it.  Well, I take that back; he touched a french fry, and decided it was hot (it wasn’t).  Then decided he was done.

This EOE thing is a pain in the butt.  We never know what (or when) he is going to eat. What he eats today may get left on the table tomorrow (and for the next week).  I’m sure part of that is EOE, and part of that is being a toddler, but it’s so frustrating. We work hard to come up with things Reese can eat, and he doesn’t even give it a chance. You know, I’m the one with the blog, but my wife is the one that does most of the work. She comes up with meals for the kids on a daily basis, taking into account all three of their different dietary needs.  She deals with gathering safe snacks and foods for when we go out. She helps me come up with ideas for recipes (eg. adding coconut yogurt in the nuggets instead of egg – her idea). But she is tired.  I’m tired.  And our little dude is the same size he was a year ago when we got his EOE diagnosis and one doctor’s appointment away from a feeding tube.

The whole idea behind this blog was to help people who are in a similar position. And it’s easy to make it look like I have all these amazing ideas that work like magic bullets. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers. I can tell you how to make egg-free mayo, but I don’t have the answer to getting your kid to eat it.  I can show how to make homemade sunbutter, but I can’t tell you that my own EOE kid never pushes it away.  I hope, though, that what I can do is show you that you aren’t alone.  Whether you are a parent dealing with food allergies/restrictions for your child, or you are facing dietary restrictions yourself, know that there really are people out there that understand.  It may not seem like it sometimes, but we are here.  And we are listening.

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  1. Stephanie F. says:

    😦 My heart breaks reading this. But I’m glad you’re coming here to write about it and share with the community. We’re there for you. You’re not alone in this. Some days are hard and it plain sucks. We love our children so much and wish we could take their condition so they wouldn’t have to go through it. I get it. Big hugs!!!

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    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I’m reading your comment as I am sitting with Reese about to do his upper GI X-ray, so it really hits! Thank you for the support, and I’m glad we can have this kind of community!


      1. Stephanie F. says:

        Oh man, I hope it went ok for the GI X-ray. I bet it’s very scary for Reese? They’re still so little. Thinking of you guys today.

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      2. He was a rockstar today! He did an outstanding job. Thank your your good thoughts!

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  2. Annette Botzum says:

    All I can say is that I love you all so very much.


  3. Roda says:

    Stay strong, Daddy! You are doing amazing things for your children


    1. Thanks, Roda! It’s a challenge, but we’re not giving up!

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  4. krystiwithak says:

    I’m in a similar place with my son… he’s 3 and he has allergies to peanut, soy and milk. It’s so tough because he developed the allergies AFTER developing a love for certain foods. This is the first post of yours that I’ve read so my advice may not be helpful (you may already implement my strategies, in which case, I’m sorry!) but I develop or find recipes of his favorite foods. Then I give him small servings, one food at a time, so as not to overwhelm him. He eats a LOT of the same things, over and over and over again (applesauce, fruit snacks, pizza recipe that is “Logan-safe”, Daiya mac & cheese, bananas) so it’s exhausting.

    Sounds like you’re doing an amazing job ❤️


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    1. Thanks for the tips, Krysti! It is tough, but there are somethings we know he’ll eat. He loves corn on the cob! Fortunately he’s so young he doesn’t know about the non-safe versions of foods, so he hasn’t developed a love of anything he can’t have. So that is good!

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      1. krystiwithak says:

        So true, so that is a blessing in disguise! Logan luckily can’t tell the difference between his favorite items and the allergy safe items I’ve created 😄

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