Sunbeam Igloo Snow Cone Maker

The other day, Michelle had an idea.  It was a great idea.  Snow cones.

love snow cones!  When we were in college, there was a snow cone place near campus called Ice Deli where I was regular customer.  Any time it was a nice day, I would strap on my roller blades and head down the street for my favorite icy treat – a Silver Fox snow cone. Mmmmmm……

I’ve never had much success with snow cone making at home.  But we decided to try this counter top model.

Sunbeam Igloo Snow Cone Maker

It’s super easy to use.  Just plug in, pop a few ice cube in the top, and push the lid closed. Shaved ice will come flying out of the chute in beautiful, snowy piles.  Now, this isn’t exactly like the powdery shaved ice I would get at Ice Deli, but it’s way better than any snow cone maker I ever used as a kid. And it’s very affordable!

What does this have to do with the whole “food allergy dad” thing?  It makes a dessert that Reese can have.  In fact, he asks for it, which is rare.  There are myriad store-bought snow cone flavor syrups available at stores and online. Our favorite so far is the cotton candy flavor from Candy Crush (yes, the phone game has expanded to confections). If you don’t want the store-bought syrup, you can make your own.  I have plans to try some homemade flavors. Look for those here later!

Check out the Sunbeam Igloo Snow Cone Maker here on Amazon.  In my opinion, it is completely worth the (rather inexpensive) price for an easy, fun treat that my kids with food restrictions can have with no worries.

(This post contains affiliate links to a product that I believe in.)



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