I’ll attempt to answer some questions here.  Keep checking back; as I think of more things or as more people ask questions, I’ll add more.

I’m allergic to (fill in the blank)… why did you include it?   The original thought behind this blog is to chronicle our own journey.  Since our little dude doesn’t have a wheat restriction, or a soy lecithin restriction, or corn restriction (or whatever else it may be), I don’t typically have to worry much about those.  If I find something great that works for everyone, I will certainly try to include it.  I will also try to always make sure people know what is included in recipes right at the start, so people know.

Can I substitute (fill in the blank)?   That really depends.  We in the food allergy world know that substitutions are a way of life.  Just know what I’m posting is what I have done, and I probably don’t really know how a substitution will affect the final outcome.  Some substitutions can affect the final texture or flavor.  However, I know for food allergies, we’d rather the texture be a little different than have a potentially dangerous reaction.  So I say do a little research and go for it.  I would love to hear from you about how your substitutions work.

Can I freeze this?  Uh…. probably….?  I don’t freeze much.  To be honest, I just can’t be bothered.  Try it and let me know how it goes!

This didn’t turn out right!  Hm.  Not sure why.  It happens.  I made cookies that were amazing, then a month later, made the exact same recipe and they were awful.  What happened?  No clue.  Double check the recipe but know that sometimes the kitchen gremlins attack.  Don’t give up.  And please, share ideas!

Why don’t you have many recipes?  I’m new here!  I’ll get more soon, I promise.

What is EOE?   It’s a complicated, rare disorder/disease involving a certain type of white blood cell in the esophagus that has no business being in the esophagus.  Check out my EOE page for more information.

Are you sponsored or paid to recommend these products?   Nope.  Like I said, I’m new here.  If I mention a product, it’s because I use it and believe in it.  It also likely means that I know no other substitute.  There are some brands I use and will suggest because it’s the only one I know that is free of certain things.

Can I share these recipes on my blog?  Sure!  I just ask a couple of things: Use your own pictures and your own words, and link back to me when you do.  I use and modify other people’s recipes all the time, but I always add a tagline like “modified from a recipe by (fill in the blank)” or thanks to (genius food blogger) for the great recipe!”  If you just want to reblog it, please do, just make sure to link back to me on your post.  If you have any questions about it, please just let me know!